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Photovoltaic power generation and other industries outstanding performance

2017-03-15 SourceJuRen PV Click:

From the industry perspective, the performance of listed companies is more obvious.

First, the performance of new technology companies increased significantly. It is noteworthy that the growth of such companies is due to the rapid growth of the main business. For example, the net profit attributable to smart chip business increased by 700% year-on-year, and the main reasons for the growth were: the Company continued to strengthen its operations, business development, smart card chips and RCC mobile payment.

Second, the performance of the photovoltaic power generation industry increased significantly. PV industry in the policy support to enhance the economy, the entire industry chain have emerged a rapid growth, listed companies as the backbone of the industry more obvious performance. Mainly engaged in solar cells, components, photovoltaic power plants and other business of the East on net profit in 2015 increased by 382% year on year. The company said in its annual report, in the domestic and international photovoltaic market booming background, the company's photovoltaic industry capacity utilization has been greatly improved, the steady growth of industrial scale, the technological level of continuous progress, the company's profits have been improved.

Finally, the performance of new energy vehicles related companies also increased significantly. Such as engaged in new energy vehicles business BYD, its 2015 operating income increased by 37.48%, net profit rose 551.28%. The company said that in 2015 the new energy automotive industry showed explosive growth, the company launched plug-in hybrids "Qin", "Tang" by the market blitz, continue to dominate the plug-in hybrid private car market; company pure electric Bus K9 and other products, a large number of orders delivered, making the company new energy vehicle sales and revenue increased rapidly, led to a substantial increase in corporate profits.

But the performance of the traditional industry performance is relatively low, some companies even a substantial loss. Valin Iron and Steel 2015 operating income fell 25.53% year on year, net profit loss of 2.96 billion yuan, down 4064%. The main reason is that the global economic recovery in 2015 is less than expected, the domestic economic downward pressure increased, real estate, infrastructure, machinery and other steel downstream industry development growth slowed down, and the steel industry to resolve the excess capacity to implement a policy Process, especially in the second half of 2015, steel prices fell sharply.



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