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Solar photovoltaic: start the domestic market imperative

2017-03-15 SourceJuRen PV Click:

Last year, China's solar cell production was 821MWp, accounting for 22% of the world's total output, the first time more than Germany, ranking second in the world, for the global development and utilization of renewable energy, energy saving and emission reduction targets made outstanding contributions. We are pleased with the rapid growth of solar cell production in China at the same time, we should also see that the cumulative global installed capacity of photovoltaic 12.3GWp, China's total installed capacity of photovoltaic is only 100MWp, accounting for only the global total installed capacity of 0.82%, and China 97.5% of the solar cells for export, service in foreign markets. In view of China's solar cell production over the world's total 1/5, and its application market are basically in foreign countries, China's photovoltaic market demand potential huge situation, the industry called on China's photovoltaic industry to achieve healthy and orderly development, rapid start domestic photovoltaic The market is imperative.

   In recent 20 years, China's photovoltaic industry has been rapid development, but also exposed some problems, China's solar cell production and a serious imbalance in installed capacity is one of the problems. From 1990 to 2007, China's solar cell production increased by 1641 times, while the installed capacity of the PV was increased by 39 times. Compared with the production of solar cells, solar cells in China's application of the growth is much smaller, the domestic PV market and did not really start.

   Experts in accordance with the world's photovoltaic development plan and the current development forecast, in 2010, the world's total installed capacity of solar cells will reach 14GWp. Statistics show that as of the end of 2007, the cumulative installed capacity of global solar cells has reached 12.3GWp. In other words, from 2008 to 2010, the global total of 1.7GWp market demand. The past two years, the global start of the construction of solar cell manufacturers will soon appear in this year and next year, only China's existing solar cell manufacturers if all the production capacity, will reach 2.5GWp, beyond the global market demand. By then, in order to benefit the development of the domestic PV industry, many countries have signs to adopt a variety of policies to limit the application of solar cells in other countries in the country. And accounting for 22% of global production, of which 97.5% for the export of China's solar cell industry will be in a very embarrassing situation, China's photovoltaic industry will also be subject to the situation.

   With the depletion of global fossil fuels, domestic energy supply and demand situation is becoming increasingly tense, the development and utilization of renewable energy is our government advocacy and support the most effective way to ease energy supply and demand.

    China's vast territory, complex geographical environment, especially in Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan and other remote and desert areas, solar energy is rich in resources, the use of solar photovoltaic products to solve local hardship problems should be one of the best choice The China's vast desert, desertified land and potentially desertified land, totaling about 1.05 million square kilometers. According to 1 square kilometers of land can be installed 100MWp solar cell calculation, 1% of the desert can be installed 1000GWp, is China's current power installed capacity of 2 times, and this area of the current photovoltaic power generation applications accounted for only 0.2% of the national market. This shows that this is a huge undeveloped virgin land.

   PV building integration is the world's large-scale use of photovoltaic power generation technology in urban construction. China has about 40 billion square meters of construction area, the roof area of 4 billion square meters, plus the south side of about 50 billion square meters of available area. If these buildings have 20% of the installation of solar cells, the installation capacity of up to 100GWp.

   Earlier this year, China's southern rain and snow frozen natural disasters in many areas of the power grid has been devastating destruction, the local people living for a long time in the absence of environmental conditions. If the use of independent photovoltaic power generation system to solve the affected areas of electricity needs, should be a good policy.

   The international market has become saturated, and the domestic solar cell production capacity to large-scale release, the development of operational and strong policies to start the growing demand for domestic PV market is the time.

   In the launch of the domestic PV market, although China has been in accordance with the principle of the Internet price method to develop all the relevant policies, but the only lack of the specific price of the Internet price, so that the rapid start of the PV market is lack of operability. In addition, because China's renewable energy tariff is through the tender price, which is for the domestic start of the PV market increased uncertainty. (Source: China Electronic Components Industry Association)



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