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The photovoltaic industry is trying to solve the financing problem

2017-03-15 SourceJuRen PV Click:

In recent years, China's photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises are facing serious "financing difficulties, financing your" problem. Although many ministries have introduced the relevant policies to be resolved, but the effect is not satisfactory.

Financial institutions are reluctant to provide financing for photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, photovoltaic industry, the average non-performing loan rate is high, the loan guarantee effect is not ideal, is the main reason. Data show that as of the end of 2014, the PV industry average non-performing loan ratio of about 7%, and some even reached 28% to 29%, much higher than about 1% of the bank's average non-performing loan ratio. Excessive nonperforming loan rates have directly affected financial institutions' rating on PV manufacturing, resulting in increased bank lending restrictions; financial institutions generally have doubts about the development of the PV industry and have also affected loan decisions.

In addition, financial institutions generally take credit guarantee and collateral security guarantee two kinds of guarantee loans. If the credit guarantee is adopted, the majority of PV manufacturers choose to use the parent company or affiliated company to do credit guarantee, but the parent company or affiliated company is still the photovoltaic industry, the ability to resist the risk is not strong; if the pledge to take collateral, most companies will Equipment, inventory or equity to do the mortgage, but in the complex background of the development of the industry, these pledged collateral preservation and liquidity is poor, the value of pledge will be greatly reduced.

"Financing difficult, financing your" restricting the development of China's photovoltaic manufacturing industry, the long run, it is likely to lead to China's loss in the field of photovoltaic leading edge. To this end, the relevant departments should be preferred to focus on supporting key projects, the development of differentiated lending policy. In particular, it is necessary to guide the financial institutions to restrict the object of support to the enterprise through the "photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions", and choose to focus on supporting key technology innovation, merger and reorganization, "going out" and other key projects. We should also study the establishment of national PV industry development fund, guide the social capital investment, modeled on the integrated circuit industry investment fund operation mode, focus on key enterprises, key projects to increase support; should innovate diversified financing methods to support financial institutions to carry out financial leasing, financing Guarantee and other business.

In addition, it is necessary to timely update the list of clean-up photovoltaic industry specifications notice, through the initiative to guide the market and forced to combine the way to regulate the development of the industry. Of course, industry associations should also strengthen the norms of industry development guide, promote industry self-discipline, to avoid low-cost disorderly competition. In particular, to implement the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "on the further optimization of photovoltaic enterprises mergers and acquisitions market environment," the spirit of guiding the backbone of photovoltaic enterprises through debt and other mergers and acquisitions and other ways to properly handle the debt of the merged enterprises, The negative impact of high corporate nonperforming loans on the whole industry.



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